Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's done!

Dave worked all weekend to build and finish our swing set; I helped for a total of about five or six hours, I’ll have you know. It has two slides, three swings and a climbing wall. The boys love it but we’ve identified some things we need to do safety-wise, not mentioned by the company that designed the plans, to compensate for my boys (Kyle) thinking everything is an opportunity for acrobatics.

The race car toddler swing is the primary cause of the screaming, crying and whining, “My turn!” So Monday morning I dashed out to Home Depot to get a second one. Yes, there’s the lofty goal of, “The boys have to learn to share and we can’t have two of everything.” I believe that for many things, but for heaven’s sake, if they both want to swing in a magical race car we’re going to let them. We (okay Dave) worked too hard on this to have it turn into something unpleasant every time we go outside.

Grant goes for his two-year-old checkup this morning and of course all the things that I’ve thought oh I need to ask the pediatrician about that have disappeared from my brain. Maybe someday I’ll learn the beauty of making lists. I’ve just recently gotten consistent about putting appointments on a calendar. Small steps. He’s going to get vaccinations this visit. My neighbor asked me if I was going to get him vaccinated because of all the negative press about especially the 2 year shots and their potential relation to autism.

I’ll talk to the pediatrician, but unless she recommends not doing them, we’ll get them done. Initially the finger was pointed at a chemical in one of the vax, but they stopped putting that preservative in the vaccine awhile ago. But now there’s other speculation. I guess it’s just a risk management thing and a choice that everyone has to make.

And now for a dog picture - Katie and Molly. I'm hoping to figure out watermarking one of these days so I can post pictures of Kyle and Grant. Until then, this will have to do!

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customlifebooksmom said...

Looks great! Hope they are having fun on it. You (I mean Dave) did a great job!@