Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby on Board

Oh, don't get excited or freaked out - Kyle and Grant are enough for Dave and me! Nope, I'm talking about signs...

I’ve always wondered about those yellow Baby On Board signs people put in their car windows and what the purpose is. My only theory was that the person was so giddy to be a parent that they just had to shout to the world “Yay me! I have a baby!” They’ve always seemed odd to me.

But apparently the original purpose of the sign is to alert other drivers of the precious young life in the car so they will take additional care when traveling near the blessed vehicle. Seriously? People who drive with little or no regard for other vehicles on the road are pretty much jerks no matter what you might be transporting. They feel like they own the road and you are just an inconvenient guest. I’m thinking a Baby on Board sign isn’t going to change a thing.

Maybe the sign actually puts you at more risk. For years it was a hard plastic sign stuck to the window with suction cups; now you can get a somewhat opaque sticker but it’s just as big. Maybe the people with the signs are just better drivers than I am, but I find that obscuring my view in any of my windows is just a bad idea. And maybe the jerks on the road don’t like babies (what can I say - they’re jerks, after all) and the sign gives them extra incentive to drive without regard for you.

There is an urban legend that the purpose of the sign is to alert emergency personnel to search for a baby. Kind of like the stickers you put on the front door of your house to alert firefighters what kind of pets and how many you have. According to snopes.com this is an urban legend.

Now don't you feel enlightened?

Question… if you see a Baby on Board sign in a window, what do you think? Or at least what did you think before you read this fascinating and insightful blog entry?


Tam said...

My mom bought me one of these. I did NOT put it my car...

Anonymous said...

I remember when these were popular and the spin off that I always loved was the Garfield cat suctioned to the window...

Michelle Smiles said...

I hadn't seen one in years and was surprised to see one again recently. I actually make fun of people with them in their windows but I'm snarky like that.

Anonymous said...

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