Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You're kidding me, right?

One of the most fun aspects of the boys’ ages (almost 2 and almost 3) is how they are discovering their imaginations. With some kids I think this manifests as pretending one object is really something else – maybe that their toothbrush is a screwdriver. With my kids, at least for now, they’re really into invisible things.

They clean up invisible GeoTrax and pretend to fix their trucks with invisible tools they pull out of their pockets. At meals they reach their hands out to some invisible plate in the sky and snatch the mystery food off of it and jam it in their mouths.

This is cute and all, until they start bickering over the food that doesn’t even exist. Kyle starts whining because Grant took his whatever-it-is. I try to explain that there is plenty for everyone but despite my efforts, the “No! Mine!” back and forth ensues and screaming and crying break out.

I look at Dave and ask, “Are our kids fighting over invisible food?”

Dave’s response, “Why, yes. Yes, they are.”


Just checkin'.


Moi said...

Just wait until they start fighting over invisible friends. That's when the real fun starts. We actually had to have "talks" with both girls' invisible friends about how it was not nice to make fun of the other invisible friend.

I definitely needed a drink after that day.

Tam said...