Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bunnies, balloons and rainbows

I can’t believe it’s been four months since my last blog entry. The boys have grown and changed so much in that time – there aren’t enough hours in the day to share how they’ve turned into these little people. Kyle will be three this summer and has moved from being a toddler to being a little boy. Grant will be two next month so we can still pretend he’s a toddler.

They’re both still mooching off us incessantly and have yet to contribute to the financial position of the family. One or both of them are regularly (every two minutes) trying to wrestle control of our household away from me and become the alpha-king-supreme-everything-ruler of my queendom. Dave and I are holding our ground with no help from the short people. Wish us continuing good luck. Seriously, we went to a Love and Logic seminar last week that was awesome and we’re trying some of the techniques to reasonable success.

C’mon. Were you really expecting a soft-fluffy-bunny-balloons-and-rainbows kind of update from me? You were? Then I’d better deliver…

How amazing is it to watch language development in a toddler? Kyle’s language has ballooned over the last four months (balloon reference: check). He still comes out with stuff that I don’t understand, but that’s only about 20% of the time. His recollection of random, obscure things is ridiculous, and his ability to throw our rules back in our faces when it’s convenient is uncanny.

Grant is saying new words every day and is putting together two word phrases. A new milestone on Sunday was that he started saying, “Mommy!!! Mommy!” to get my attention when he wanted to show me something. It was cool for a minute when I realized this was the first time he had done it, but then it dawned on me that we were embarking on the phase I wrote about in this post.

Dave and I built the boys a big new sandbox since getting dirty is their all time favorite thing. We're using a cleverly secured tarp (don't ask) as a cover to keep it dry and keep critters out. Apparently it's not cleverly secured enough to keep out bunnies, as every time we've removed the cover there are about 412 bunny footprints. Either way, the boys love it and we had fun doing it. (soft fluffy bunny reference: check)

This pic isn't of the boys in the new sandbox but it's illustrative of their love of dirt and sand. They decided they should manually move the sand from the old crabbie sandbox here, to the new one, but they had to take a break for a sand bath. Nice, huh?

Well I don't have a rainbow reference to fulfill my update requirements. Oh. I know. We got cut off in traffic yesterday by someone with one of those rainbow bumper stickers on their back window. (rainbow reference: check)

So that's the soft-fluffy-bunny-balloons-and-rainbows kind of update you expected!

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Tam said...

Wow! They look so big! I'm so glad you're back.